Sun Bauer was born in the beautiful country of Korea. At an early age, Sun developed a great love and appreciation of art. Using a limited amount of art supplies that were available to her, she developed her art skills as a self-taught artist. During her time in school, Sun entered many competitions and did very well. At the age of 19 she left Korea to live in the United States. She continued to develop her art, and entered in several competitions for the first time within the United States, winning several awards. Sun, eventually, moved to Kansas and got married to Bob Bauer. Together they raised two sons: Daniel, and Tim. Sun has always encouraged her children to express themselves using art. Tim is currently an English teacher in Korea, and Daniel graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and is very active as an artist and musician. Due to her husband's health problems Sun and her family moved to a warmer climate in Arizona, where she now does her art.

Sun believes that art is an ongoing and continuous learning experience. In her practice as a growing artist she began to take classes at the Johnson County Community College. There, she worked and studied with many local artists. In an effort to continue her study, Sun has attended several workshops and seminars. She is always taking classes and studying the works of other artists to learn of new techniques in many types of Media. She has taught private classes in her home to share her talents. Although, she is knowledgeable in many types of Media, Sun prefers to work with oils and watercolors. Her work consists of portraits, landscapes, murals, and still life paintings. Sun’s paintings range in size from 3x4–inch miniatures to 30x40–inch wall hangings to full wall murals. Sun has the remarkable ability to look at people, objects, and landscapes and reproduce them within her art, with great beauty. It shows in her Portraits and her commissioned artwork. Recently, Sun has become more interested in working with miniature paintings but she also is still working on normal size art works. She has a true passion for art and it shows.

Membership in: "Olathe Visual Art Guild" "Cidar Painters of America" "The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C."